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v1.6.4 (Jul 10) ​

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v1.6.4 (17192) is a hotfix for v1.6.4 (17187).

  • General CPU performance improvements
    • Up to 5x for compute-bound workloads on M1
  • Debug Shell: AI-powered package install suggestions for commands
  • HTTP port redirection when using orb.local domains from containers
  • UI: Sort images and volumes by size
  • Up to 75% faster network in Docker containers
  • More clear machine creation errors
  • Better support for removing SSH config and zshrc changes
  • Added kernel features: bcachefs, IFB, bonding
  • Fixed errors with large PostgreSQL databases
  • Fixed service sometimes not auto-starting on login
  • Fixed menu bar icon pulsing after service is stopped from CLI
  • Fixed "machine not found" after deleting default machine
  • Fixed update notifications when app isn't running
  • Fixed locale issues in new machines
  • Fixed potential CPU/memory issues with Kubernetes networking
  • Updates: NixOS 24.05, openSUSE 15.6, openEuler 24.03, buildx 0.15.1, Linux 6.9.8

v1.6.3 (Jun 26) ​

  • Fixed several file system bugs
  • Lower CPU usage under high network load
  • Significantly faster IPv6 networking
  • Compatibility check for Haswell and Broadwell CPUs
  • Prefer container commands over Debug Shell packages
  • Fixed volume size errors when deleting volumes quickly
  • Fixed light/dark theme not updating in update prompt
  • Fixed rare crashes after sleep/wake with long uptime
  • Fixed swapoff in machines
  • Updates: Compose 2.27.3, Linux 6.9.6

v1.6.2 (Jun 12) ​

  • Compatibility fixes for macOS 15 Developer Beta
  • Lower memory usage when accessing many files
  • Revamped configuration for new NixOS machines
  • Fixed "No such file or directory" when macOS changes files quickly
  • Fixed file watchers not working in some cases
  • Fixed wrong error being shown when service crashes on start
  • Fixed temporary 8 GB file being included in backups
  • Fixed user management and locale issues in NixOS machines
  • Kubernetes: Fixed IPv6 ingress controller bug
  • Debug Shell: Support for Ghostty and Contour
  • Debug Shell: Fixed missing PATH in some containers
  • Debug Shell: Minor fixes for shell environment and compatibility
  • UI: Support for opening Ghostty and more new terminals
  • Updates: Docker 26.1.4, Linux 6.9, Compose 2.27.1, buildx 0.14.1, docker-credential-helpers 0.8.2, Alpine 3.20

v1.6.1 (May 28) ​

  • Potential fix for crashes on Intel 4th/5th generation CPUs
  • Added check for unsupported Intel CPU generations
  • File system: Slightly faster read/write on shared file system
  • File system: Fixed directory listing bug affecting some programs
  • Fixed crash when memory limit is invalid
  • Fixed some Rosetta shared memory bugs

Hackintoshes with Intel CPUs newer than 10th generation (the newest Apple has ever shipped in an Intel Mac) are no longer supported.

v1.6.0 (May 22) ​

  • True near-native file system performance: 2–10x faster
  • New virtualization engine: faster and more stable
  • General performance improvements for CPU, network, disk
  • More reliable file sharing, including on external volumes
  • Fixed crashes, freezes, and other stability issues
  • Fixed potential data corruption on hard shutdown
  • Fixed permissions on ~/OrbStack machine files
  • Fixed Docker credential store on new installs
  • Fixed Docker API hangs with some PHP clients
  • Fixed missing locales in some Linux machines
  • Fixed DNS resolution with over 5 CNAMEs (e.g. Azure OpenAI)
  • UI: Badge for emulated images (e.g. amd64)
  • UI: Easy access to Compose YAML files
  • UI: Logs will no longer scroll while reading past logs
  • Debug Shell: Improved compatibility with unusual container setups
  • Kubernetes: Added k8s.orb.local to server certificate
  • Time Machine backup exclusion to prevent issues on HFS+
  • Updates: Kubernetes 1.29.3, Ubuntu 24.04, Fedora 40, Linux 6.7.12

v1.5.1 (Apr 1) ​

  • Downgraded xz to fix potential security issues
    • OrbStack was not vulnerable to CVE-2024-3094
  • Confirmation prompt for deleting containers
  • Fixed Rosetta installation request even if disabled
  • Fixed old NixOS machines failing to upgrade
  • Fixed old SQL Server crashing with SIGABRT
  • Fixed button tooltips not appearing on hover
  • Debug Shell: Removed warning when working directory doesn't exist
  • Debug Shell: Colorful ip output

v1.5.0 (Mar 21) ​

  • New: OrbStack Debug Shell
    • Useful commands & tools to easily debug any container (even minimal/distroless/read-only)
    • Install over 80,000 packages
    • Everyone has a free 30-day Pro trial for Debug Shell
  • Faster & more reliable access to container/image/volume/machine files
  • Fixed OrbStack starting automatically with VS Code C++ extension
  • Fixed invalid hosts in VS Code Remote SSH sidebar
  • Fixed crash on some unexpected network packets
  • Fixed deletion of machines with swapfiles
  • Fixed "No space left on device" and related crashes
  • Fixed shared folder name on macOS 14.4
  • Fixed new machine creation for NixOS unstable
  • General performance improvements
  • UI: Compose groups stay expanded across restart
  • UI: Support for multiple containers in Kubernetes pod logs
  • UI: Gray dot for paused containers
  • UI: Consistent location for container actions
  • UI: Fixed error dialogs not fitting on screen
  • UI: Fixed high CPU usage when errors occur in the background
  • CLI: -w flag for working directory
  • Kernel features: TIPC, conntrack zones (support for Kuma)
  • Machines: support for CRIU
  • Fixed CVE-2024-29018
  • Updates: Docker 25.0.4, buildx 0.13.1, Linux 6.7.10, openEuler 23.09

v1.4.3 (Feb 13) ​

  • Full fix for CVE-2024-21626
  • Fixed app sign-in sometimes not working
  • Updates: Docker 25.0.3

v1.4.2 (Feb 6) ​

  • Support for bind-mounting non-standard macOS paths
  • Fixed UI incorrectly showing "Personal use only" in some cases
  • Fixed some images with extended attributes failing to import
  • Fixed incorrect error messages when image import fails
  • Fixed mounting SSH_AUTH_SOCK into containers

v1.4.1 (Feb 2) ​

  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Fixed missing command-line tools in some installs
  • Fixed SSH config parsing errors

v1.4.0 (Feb 2) ​

  • High severity security fixes for Docker Engine, runc, BuildKit
  • New UI design to show more details
  • Shell completions for docker and kubectl
  • orb.local domains now work across Compose projects
  • Create machines with custom usernames
  • Change default username for each machine
  • Added X-Forwaded-For to HTTPS proxy
  • Support for multi-level wildcard domains
  • Fixed some ANSI escapes appearing in logs
  • Fixed unnecessary Kubernetes restarts
  • Fixed Rosetta install process

v1.3.0 (Dec 28) ​

  • Cloud-init for Linux machines
    • Easily replicate & test environments with user data, like EC2
  • Kubernetes cluster.local domains
    • Allows connecting to headless services
  • Smoother migration from Docker Desktop
  • Advanced setting to change Docker Swarm node name
  • Advanced setting to expose SSH server to LAN
  • Fixed compatibility with JetBrains Docker plugins
  • Fixed emulated Arch x86 machines on Apple Silicon
  • Fixed unreliable domains on newer macOS 14 releases

v1.2.0 (Dec 20) ​

πŸ“• Read the blog post

  • Native container files access from Finder & Terminal
    • View & edit files in containers with your favorite tools
  • Added option to disable wrapping in logs UI
  • Added support for vhost-net
  • Fixed complex volume migration from Docker Desktop
  • Fixed DNS memory leak and high CPU usage
  • Fixed file watchers not working in /tmp
  • Fixed host connections timing out under high load
  • Fixed IPv6 compatibility issues with some containers
  • Fixed Kubernetes DNS crashing under heavy load
  • Fixed rare SSH connection failures
  • Fixed rebuilt image contents not updating on macOS side
  • Fixed Yarn, AppImages, and Swift under x86 emulation
  • Support for connecting to any port via HTTP proxy
  • Support for emulating RISC-V, PowerPC, MIPS, and IBM Z
  • Updates: Compose 2.23.3, buildx 0.12.0, Linux 6.5.13

v1.1.0 (Nov 16) ​

πŸ“• Read the blog post

  • Automatic HTTPS for containers & services
    • Secure, zero-setup HTTPS for all domains
  • Better x86 performance on macOS 14.1+
  • Copyable port numbers in container info
  • Machines can now be started from the menu bar
  • Better credential store coexistence with Docker Desktop
  • Fixed DNS memory leak in some error cases
  • Fixed crash when switching tabs quickly
  • Fixed VS Code not connecting in new Alma machines
  • Updates: Docker 24.0.7, Linux 6.5.10, Ubuntu 23.10, Fedora 39, Debian 13 (testing)
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v1.0.1 (Oct 12) ​

  • Fixed x86 programs crashing on macOS 14 Sonoma
    • Workaround for Apple bug
  • Remaining Pro (commercial) trial days are now shown in the app
  • Separate UI sections for in-use/unused/dangling images
  • Support for opening Warp terminal
  • Support for GENEVE tunnels
  • NAT traversal fixes for Tailscale
  • More reliable traceroute
  • Fixed migration getting stuck and failing on some containers
  • Fixed OrbStack app preventing shutdown/restart
  • Fixed uppercase domain names not working
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Updates: Compose 2.22.0, Linux 6.5.7
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

πŸŽ‰ v1.0 (Sep 21) ​

OrbStack 1.0 is here ​

It's the long-awaited release! See the blog post

Licenses are now required for freelance, business, and commercial use.

Other changes since beta ​

  • Default update channel is now Stable
  • For faster updates, opt in to Canary in Settings
  • Better handling of domain name conflicts
  • Fixed service occasionally getting stuck while stopping
  • Fixed shared volumes disappearing in rare cases
  • Compatibility fix for IBM DB2
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

Hotfix 16230 ​

  • Fixed issues with accounts and licenses when updating from beta

v0.17.3 (Sep 13) ​

  • Fixed GUI getting stuck on "Loading" in some cases
  • Fixed Rosetta installation on new Macs
  • Fixed crash on start when disk is almost full
  • Higher maximum memory limit on high-RAM Macs
  • Faster startup with lower CPU usage
  • Updates: Linux 6.4.16
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.17.2 (Sep 11) ​

  • Faster and more stable UI
  • Filter Compose project logs to a set of services
  • Start containers & projects from the menu bar
  • Simple switch to start and stop Kubernetes
  • More menu bar features & actions
  • Slightly lower memory usage
  • More reliable updating and restarting
  • Fixed domains not working in some cases
  • Fixed some web frameworks not reloading on file changes
  • Fixed rare freezes under high I/O
  • Fixed occasional UI crashes
  • Updates: Docker Engine 24.0.6, Linux 6.4.15
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.17.1 (Aug 31) ​

  • One-click button to open Kubernetes services in browser
  • Faster start/stop/delete actions in GUI
  • Fixed port forwarding issues
  • Potential stability improvements under high I/O
  • Support for CAN bus (SocketCAN and virtual CAN)
  • Support for IPVLAN and IPIP tunnels
  • Support for bind-mounting /opt/homebrew
  • Updates: Compose 2.21.0, Linux 6.4.13
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.17.0 (Aug 29) ​

  • First-class Kubernetes support
    • Seamless network: Connect to pods, ClusterIPs, Ingress directly
    • Battery friendly: Up to 80% less power usage
    • Native macOS UI
  • More reliable container domains
  • More efficient container port forwards (up to 30% less CPU)
  • General system performance improvements
  • Security improvements against malicious machines
  • FIPS support for builtin SSH server (ECDSA and RSA)
  • Fixed container logs UI on macOS 12
  • Updates: Linux 6.4.11, Devuan 5
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.16.1 (Aug 17) ​

  • Direct access to container image files from Mac
    • Explore Docker images with Finder and other tools
  • Helper tool to avoid asking for password more than once
  • Better port detection for container domains
  • Option to stop requesting admin privileges
  • Offline licensing support for up to 7 days
  • Fixed some self-signed certificates not being trusted
  • Fixed new machines not showing up in /mnt/machines
  • Rosetta bug fixes
  • Updates: Linux 6.4.10
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.16.0 (Aug 10) ​

  • Automatic domain names for containers
    • Zero config, no port numbers needed
    • Support for custom domains and wildcards
  • New logs UI with search and tabs for Compose projects
  • Added button to reset data from settings UI
  • Better network compatibility
  • Fixed segfaults in some emulated x86 builds
  • Fixed migration for some x86 containers and images
  • Fixes for build cache cleaning and SSH agent forwarding
  • Fixed emulated Arch Linux machine creation
  • Support for mounting localtime in containers
  • Updates: Linux 6.4.8
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.15.1 (July 30) ​

  • Automatic deletion of unused build cache (can save 200+ GB)
  • Faster Docker shutdown and machine deletion
  • More reliable file watcher & live reload support
  • Minor performance improvements for some workloads
  • Added option to leave Docker context unchanged
  • Support for emulating AVX (when Rosetta is off)
  • Fixed migration from older versions of Docker Desktop
  • Fixed modprobe errors (for Istio, K3s, etc.)
  • Fixed rare storage-related startup errors
  • Fixed freezes under some heavy UDP workloads
  • Fixed compressed executables failing under Rosetta
  • Updates: Docker 24.0.5, Linux 6.4.7
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.15.0 (July 23) ​

  • Automatic data migration from Docker Desktop (containers, etc.)
  • Send feedback from the app
  • Simplified bug reporting
  • More reliable port forwarding
  • Better support for proxy exclusions (domains, IP subnets)
  • Fixed PHP segfaults under Rosetta
  • Fixed timeouts when accessing Docker volumes from Mac
  • Fixed occasional crashes when running Chromium
  • Fixed Alpine and Void creation with unusual usernames/UIDs
  • UI fixes, design tweaks, silent notifications
  • Updates: Debian 12, Compose 2.20.2, Linux 6.3.13
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.14.1 (July 12) ​

  • Fixed Docker not starting if updating with too many Compose networks
  • Fixed stability issues and file sharing crashes
  • Fixed repeated admin prompts on new Macs
  • Fixed hostname in new Ubuntu machines
  • Fixed "Operation not permitted" on bind-mounted devices
  • Fixed missing HOME environment for non-existent container UIDs
  • NixOS builder support for x86_64 on Apple Silicon

v0.14.0 (July 10) ​

All about performance and power saving.

  • Faster bind mounts with caching and optimizations
    • 3x faster search, 20x faster git status
  • 2x faster container start/stop
  • Lower energy usage when running heavy services and containers (up to 10x)
  • Fixed Node.js programs (e.g. pnpm) freezing under Rosetta
  • Better performance when macOS host is under load
  • Faster builds for Dockerfiles with many steps
  • Support for running 32-bit ARM programs
  • Support for renaming machines
  • Changed IP ranges to minimize conflicts
  • Fixes for bind mounts and other I/O
  • Updates: Docker 24.0.4, Compose 2.19.1, Linux 6.3.12
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.13.0 (June 25) ​

A renewed focus on performance and stability.

  • Faster app start/stop and updating (up to 5x)
  • 2x faster container start/stop
  • Fixed most common Rosetta bugs
    • If you've disabled it, turn it back on to run x86 containers faster
  • Standard Docker IP ranges for compatibility (fixed SSL/authentication issues)
  • Better handling of IP conflicts with VPNs
  • Support for moving data to external drive
  • More reliable setup process
  • More resilient to power loss
  • Out-of-memory notifications
  • Support for running full x86 Docker engine with Rosetta
  • Fixed some complex Docker Compose setups getting stuck
  • Updates: Linux 6.3.9, Docker Compose 2.19.0
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.12.0 (June 16) ​

  • Connect to Docker containers directly by IP address
    • Seamless bridge networks, no port forwarding needed
  • Connect to Linux machines by IP address (bridge network)
  • Log viewer improvements
  • Support for all CPU cores on M2 Ultra
  • Better UI performance with many containers/volumes/images
  • Fixed port forwards failing after Docker or machine restart
  • Fixed crashes after customizing toolbar
  • Updates: Linux 6.3.8, Docker 24.0.2, buildx 0.11.0, openSUSE 15.5
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

v0.11.3 (June 7) ​

  • Support for macOS 14 Sonoma Developer Beta (fixed crash)
  • SSH server: Support for adding authorized keys
  • Support for legacy docker.for.mac.localhost host
  • Updates: Linux 6.3.6, NixOS 23.05, Alpine Linux 3.18
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

v0.11.2 (June 1) ​

  • Added openEuler distro for machines
  • Added support for custom Docker hosts (e.g. port 2375)
  • Fixed excessive service restarts and updates
  • Fixed disabled "Apply" button in settings
  • Other bug fixes

v0.11.1 (May 29) ​

  • Menu bar status indicators for Compose services
  • Support for running commands in shell with -s
  • Better handling of out-of-memory scenarios
  • Fixed file watching on advanced volume-style bind mounts
  • Fixed occasional permission issues on write-intensive mounts
  • Fixed occasional AOSP build failures
  • Menu bar & updater fixes
  • Updates: Linux 6.3.4
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

v0.11.0 (May 23) ​

  • Menu bar app with quick actions
    • Manage containers & machines from anywhere
  • Hide icon from Dock
  • Discord community for feedback & help
  • Redesigned onboarding for new users
  • Better Docker UI design and usability
  • Simpler background service management
  • Updates: Docker Compose 2.18.1, buildx 0.10.5, Linux 6.1.29
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

v0.10.2 (May 15) ​

  • Fixed IPv6 UDP port forwarding
  • Fixed UDP servers in Docker host networking mode
  • Fixed UDP flows stopping after long periods of inactivity
  • Fixed GUI actions for invalid Docker Compose projects

v0.10.1 (May 10) ​

  • Distro version picker UI for Linux machines
  • Docker Compose projects are now shown above other containers
  • Better errors in Docker UI
  • Faster loading of long container log history
  • Fixed actions for deleted Compose projects
  • Fixed filtering for only running containers
  • Updates: Docker 23.0.6
  • Bug fixes and other UI improvements

v0.10.0 (May 7) ​

Even more GUI features!

  • Docker container logs
  • Docker Compose project groups in UI
  • Batch actions (multi-select) for containers, images, and volumes
  • Skip confirmation with Option-click
  • Distro updates: Ubuntu 23.04, Fedora 38
  • Bug fixes and other UI improvements

v0.9.0 (May 4) ​

Lots of work on the GUI app this time, with more to come!

  • Docker image management UI
  • Docker container, image, and volume search
  • Docker volume sizes and creation dates
  • Streamlined Docker container menus
  • Added option to hide "OrbStack" volume from Finder
  • Lower CPU usage after deleting a lot of files
  • Fixed system-wide HTTPS proxy support
  • Fixed delayed Docker UI updates in some cases
  • Bug fixes and other UI improvements

v0.8.1 (May 1) ​

  • New Docker config GUI
  • Live refresh for Docker GUI
  • Disabled Docker IPv6 by default for compatibility
  • Fixed permission errors when writing many small files as non-root users
  • Fixed occasional false-positive file watch creation events
  • Updates: Docker 23.0.5, Linux 6.1.27

v0.8.0 (Apr 26) ​

  • File watching & live reload support for Docker bind mounts
  • Faster network and better compatibility (up to 48 Gbps on M1)
  • Support for emulated arm64 Docker containers on Intel
  • Opt-in environment variable forwarding for machines
  • Support for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes IPVS
  • Fixed occasional "Failed to start VM" errors in UI
  • Fixed systemd distros in emulated Intel machines on macOS 12
  • Updates: Docker 23.0.4, Linux 6.1.26
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v0.7.2 (Apr 19) ​

  • Fixed Docker UDP port forwarding for reply packets
  • Don't change shell profile if PATH is already set correctly

v0.7.0, v0.7.1 (Apr 17) ​

  • Minor file sharing performance improvements for small files
  • 2-way localhost integration in Docker host networking mode
  • Faster Docker and machine shutdown
  • binfmt support for running macOS executables directly from Linux
  • Fixed load testing with many concurrent connections at once
  • Fixed Docker bind mounts in $TMPDIR
  • Fixed compatibility issues with ufw
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v0.7.1 is a stability hotfix for v0.7.0.

v0.6.2 (Apr 8) ​

  • Full support for eBPF tracing (bcc, bpftrace, etc.)
  • 20% faster startup
  • Slightly lower background CPU usage
  • Fixed custom Docker 20.10 instances with privileged containers

v0.6.1 (Apr 7) ​

  • Docker & Linux will now use the macOS certificate store
    • Includes self-signed CA certificates and Docker certs.d
  • Added support for disabling automatic proxy
  • Added support for Istio (Kubernetes service mesh)
  • Added syscall tracepoints and tracefs
  • Improved startup reliability
  • Fixed issues with localhost HTTP(S)_PROXY environment from macOS
  • Updates: Docker 23.0.3, Linux 6.1.23
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v0.6.0 (Apr 3) ​

  • Automatic HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy for Docker and Linux traffic
  • Added support for editing Docker engine config
  • Added support for limiting CPU usage
  • Added orb logs command to view Docker and machine logs
  • Fixed access to Docker volumes with strict permissions
  • Fixed host-gateway as extra host
  • Fixed unexpected shutdowns when using a proxy
  • Smoother uninstall flow
  • Updates: Linux 6.1.22
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v0.5.2 (Mar 29) ​

  • Fixed most "Failed to get machines" errors (complete fix in progress)
  • Docker: Fixed localhost issues with IPv4-only servers
  • Linux: Fixed passwordless sudo for usernames containing periods
  • Linux: Fixed missing macOS tools in PATH with some non-default shells
  • Removed lnx and lnxctl command aliases
  • Stricter permissions on ~/OrbStack
  • Updates: Docker 23.0.2
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Interim release with lots of small bug fixes. More work to improve GUI reliability and usability is in progress.

v0.5.1 (Mar 26) ​

πŸš€ Announcing public beta!

  • More reliable machine creation and management
  • Breaking change: Moved SSH server to port 32222 to avoid conflicts
  • Docker Desktop CLI tools will now be replaced during setup
  • Added support for keeping Docker disabled
  • Better behavior when there's no network connection
  • Fixed setup with some shells and Active Directory environments
  • Updates: Linux 6.1.21, Docker Compose 2.17.2
  • Bug fixes and improvements

v0.5.0 (Mar 20) ​

  • Full-blown Docker GUI
  • Breaking change: Moved Docker & Linux mounts to ~/OrbStack for clarity
  • Added support for Cilium and eBPF development
  • Added support for systemd user services
  • Added 32-bit x86 emulation on Apple Silicon
  • Starting Linux shells is now significantly faster
  • Updated to Linux 6.1.20
  • Bug fixes

v0.4.0 (Mar 15) ​

  • All-new comprehensive documentation, hot off the press
  • Added docker.internal for connecting to Docker from Linux machines
  • Finished dynamic disk size implementation (now reflected in df)
  • Changed IPv6 subnet to better comply with RFC
  • Improved uninstall flow
  • Updated to Linux 6.1.19
  • Added support for AF_XDP sockets
  • UI tweaks
  • Bug fixes

v0.3.1 (Mar 9) ​

  • Added examples for getting started with Docker
  • Added slower fallback for Rosetta on macOS 12
  • Fixed empty window when re-opening app with collapsed sidebar
  • Fixed Docker bind mounts under /tmp
  • Fixed WebAssembly segfaults on 2020 Intel Macs
  • Other bug fixes

v0.3.0 (Mar 5) ​

  • Major stability and reliability improvements
  • Linux and Docker data now appears under β€œOrbStack” in Finder
  • Significantly faster networking in Docker containers
  • Updated to Linux 6.1.15
  • Added restart command
  • Fixed occasional "VM did not start" errors on first launch
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v0.2.1 (Feb 28) ​

  • Fixed machine creation with RHEL-based distros
  • Fixed command-line tool setup with iTerm shell integration
  • Workaround for rare errors on initial launch
  • Reorganized app menus
  • Other bug fixes

v0.2.0 (Feb 27) ​

  • Added support for NixOS machines
  • Fixed /Users/<user>/OrbStack access from within Linux machines
  • Fixed Docker potentially not starting again after disabling it in the app
  • Fixed potential issues with custom Docker instances in Linux machines
  • Faster machine creation for some distros
  • Other bug fixes

v0.1.9 (Feb 25) ​

  • Many stability improvements and bug fixes
  • Added host.docker.internal and other domains for compatibility with Docker Desktop
  • Added compatibility with Docker Desktop’s SSH agent forwarding
  • Workaround for macOS bug: β€œ(null) is not allowed to open documents in Terminal”
  • Fixed mDNS and .local domains in distros that use systemd-resolved

v0.1.8 (Feb 23) ​

  • Added Docker buildx for extra BuildKit features
  • Added support for IPv6 in Docker containers
  • Added release notes
  • Updated to Linux 6.1.13
  • New settings UI
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Earthly
  • Fixed SSH access with read-only SSH configs
  • Other bug fixes

v0.1.7 (Feb 22) ​

OrbStack is now fully built with itself, including the Linux parts! πŸŽ‰

  • Added support for mounting VM disk images
  • Improved SSH key handling when no agent is in use
  • Fixed config permissions in new machines
  • Other bug fixes

v0.1.6 (Feb 21) ​

  • Improved appearance of notifications sent from Linux
  • Added support for command-line tool setup without UI
  • Fixed notifications on macOS 12
  • Fixed handling of large ICMP packets
  • Other bug fixes