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Container, image, volume files

OrbStack makes it easy to access files in containers, images, volumes, and machines natively on macOS. This works seamlessly with Finder, editors, command-line tools, and other macOS apps.

To get started, open ~/OrbStack from the Finder sidebar, or click the folder button on any container, image, or volume in the OrbStack app.


Easily view, edit, add, and delete files in containers to create a quick feedback loop.

Containers are mounted at ~/OrbStack/docker/containers/<name>.`

Container files in Finder


Explore files in container images, and debug image builds. Note that Docker images are read-only by design.

Images are mounted at ~/OrbStack/docker/images/<tag>.

Image files in Finder


Volumes are a great way to store persistent data for containers. You can easily view, edit, add, and delete files in volumes for development and debugging.

Volumes are mounted at ~/OrbStack/docker/volumes/<name>.

Volume files in Finder


Linux machines are mounted at ~/OrbStack/<name>.

Machine files in Finder