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Freelance, business, and commercial users of OrbStack must purchase a license for each user. See Pricing for price details.

Licensing is done on a per-user basis, with up to 5 devices per user (as long as all the devices are owned or primarily operated by the same user).

What is commercial use?

From the Terms of Service:

If you are using OrbStack professionally as a freelancer, for a commercial or non-profit entity, or for a government entity, or if you generate more than Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00 USD) per year in connection with all work related to your use of OrbStack, you must purchase a License for OrbStack under the Master Software License Agreement by choosing your subscription plan here and executing an Order.

This means that non-commercial educational use (e.g. as a student taking classes) does not require a license.


When you install OrbStack, you will get a Pro trial that allows commercial use for 30 days. After the trial, it will degrade to Free (personal use only).

If you need more time to evaluate OrbStack, request an extension.


For individuals, licensing is simple: create an account and purchase a license using your personal account. To activate your license, sign in to the OrbStack app.

No need to create an organization or do anything else.


For companies and other organizations, you can create an organization and invite users to it. Any organization admin can purchase a batch of up to 500 licenses at once. Contact us for larger batches.

Organization features include:

  • Batch purchases
  • Verified domains: auto-join or auto-invite users by email domain
  • Permissions (admins and members)
  • Automatic license assignment to members

To switch organizations after signing in to the app, go to Account > Switch Organization.


When you purchase a batch of licenses for an organization, it's pooled. Each organization member is automatically assigned a license when they sign in to the app.

Single sign-on


You can use Sign in with Google or GitHub (OAuth) in addition to email sign-in. This works with Google Workspace, for example.


For centralized security, we can also set up SAML SSO for your organization's domain. Due to authentication provider costs, you must be on the Enterprise plan with at least 15 seats.

SSO is independent of the organization system unless you choose to auto-invite users. You can have multiple organizations under the same SSO provider.


Once you have an active Enterprise plan, contact us to set up SAML SSO integration.

We provide:

  • Assertion consumer service URL
  • Service provider entity ID

You provide:

  • IdP Entity ID
  • Certificate


The Enterprise plan is intended for larger companies with advanced needs. It currently includes SAML SSO, handling of security/compliance questionnaires, and priority support.

Contact us for more information.

SCIM provisioning

Support for provisioning users with SCIM is planned, but not yet supported.